Our entire guarantee programs are conditional
If in any case there is an indirect damage, the Jeb motors are not responsible for the damages therein. In fact, our end-to-end guarantee does not cover for negligence. Our clients are therefore advised to adhere to the policies that govern good care and transactional relations. Our website is very clear about what we expect from our clients and what they should expect from us. If our part of the deal is met, every client is therefore expected to meet their part of the deal while renting our cars.
Second stage attacks on the website are alarming!!
We understand that the existence of cyber criminals is sometimes beyond our control. However, we have never and we will never expose our clients to second stage attacks on the website. Our website is purely run by professionals and members from our team. We therefore do not request for certain pieces of information that can compromise our integrity and your security as well. You are therefore strongly advised to ensure that you do not share details that can risk your financial and social security to cyber crime. For that, we cannot be held responsible.
You can install programs like antivirus on your devices to avoid cases like phishing that compromise your computers and devices thereby installing dangerous malware on your devices without your knowledge. Please read the private policies discussed below in order to avoid becoming a victim of these criminals. Your information should not be shared to third parties in the name of online transactions. After understanding all these criminal possibilities, we advise our esteemed clients to ensure that they are keen when visiting our website and be part of enhancing their own security online.
Our website is purely run by the Jeb motors team and we do not take responsibility when you sign consents while visiting our site. You are advised that cyber criminals can attack progression and disrupt you when visiting various websites at the same time. We do not ask people to accept cookies and sign consents on our websites. In fact, all the referrals and recommendations on our website are done without interference. Our Jeb motors teams will never generate policies that lead you to sign consents and agreements. Be therefore advised to avoid this trap.