Privacy Policy

It is a great privilege and honour to serve you with rental cars. As Jeb motors, we do not take that for granted and we strive to ensure that all the private policies have been adhered to. For that reason, we have formulated very logical privacy policies that will guide you as you go through our simple booking processes. As you read our privacy policies thoroughly, you are advised to conceptualize them properly.
Our vehicles act yours when you hire
When you have completed filing information and booking then payments, we give the vehicle to your custody. We let you assume ownership during the hiring tenure without disclosing it to anybody. At JEB motors, our privacy remains confidential and we do not disclose it to third parties whatsoever. We allow you to take pride in making your tours, travels and events colourful while sending the right impression. In short, we keep it confidential and allow you to assume ownership as long as the hiring tenure lasts.
We have limited access to your information
Although booking for vehicles require information, we need very minimal information about you. Some of the details other companies ask for are not the case in JEB motors. We don’t intent to use your personal information for any other purpose besides registration and confirmation. These are the only details we ask for;
• Your full names
• Email address
• Physical address
• Credit card information
• Phone number
The information we give you
As a progressive and transparent car rental company, JEB motors uphold integrity. We ensure that your information giving is not one-sided. We also share crucial details with you for the sake of being transparent and straight. We give you our address, our physical address for various branches in Ohio; the names of representatives serving you among other pieces of information that confirm our commitment and transparency. You are advised to also keep them private unless you want to give referrals and recommendations after receiving our great car rental services.