Terms & Condition

JEB motors have always been the place to be if you are looking out to rent a car. We have terms and conditions that are meant to strengthen the bond of our customer relationships. These terms and conditions are not meant to discriminate one party against the other but to strengthen the deal making process when booking various cars for hire at JEB motors. Our terms and conditions are;
You have to accept and sign the terms and conditions after reading and understanding: This is a confirmation that you are truly committed to the process of hiring vehicles at JEB motors. It is a gesture of good will.
Payments are done in full: We do not under any condition rent out our cars without full payments. All the payments are accepted if they are paid in full. Unless otherwise advised by the JEB motors management (which is rare) we highly encourage instalments.
Only licensed drivers can hire our vehicles: As JEB motors company, we adhere to the rule of law and all traffic regulations as stipulated by the government. We believe in the American dream and our responsibility is to ensure that only licensed drivers can hire our vehicles. Whether a driver wants to hire many vehicles or few, they are disqualified to hire our cars if they can’t prove genuine and valid license.
All the information given should be genuine: Before we rent out our cars, we ensure that all the pieces of information you provided are accurate. It is our role to ensure that we can easily trace our clients if criminal activities are done with our hired vehicles. This shows how thorough we are at JEB motors with our car hiring process.